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B2B Industrial Auctions

Since March, Marketing Has Taken a Huge Leap Into The Future.   

Time To Change How You Implement Your Marketing.

Build a relationship with leads so they become repeat customers not just one-off sales.

Strategically place your auction marketing message in front of the target audience that would have the propensity to buy the equipment up for sale. 

People are registering for auctions later and later so you have to make sure your cohesive strategy builds off of each individual marketing initiative. 



Transforming Brands For New Marketing Environment

Since 1999, we have helped Industrial Auction companies enhance their brand by having them stand out from their competition. Effective marketing messages need to be more about educational than selling.  For instance, how will a particular piece of equipment help reduce production time?

Marketing messages now need to be more humanized than broad and generic.

This takes time so let us help you during your busy times.  We do not make our clients sign contract because we know business always has ups and downs.  

Your Marketing Success is Our Business!

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One individual works with you through the entire campaign.

One of our key executives sits down with you and discusses the specific pieces of equipment up for sale and what industries would be most interested in purchasing it.

With a clear idea of who would be interested in purchasing the equipment we research industry specific Publications, Conferences, and Associations. Talking with the list owners they are able to give guidance on what marketing channels and messages are going to respond the best to their audience.

Knowing the equipment and who can use it can help you avoid some demographics that may not be able to use it.  For instance I recently was promoting an auction of Generators but due to certain power voltage we had to omit some countries.

Make Sure Your Marketing Is Not Wasting Your Money!


Email/Postal Mailings

Industry specific publications that can reach top decision makers in specific industry that have a purchasing influence to purchase certain types of equipment.

Every list we recommend is Opted-in to 3rd party messages and compliant with different country regulations.


Social Posts/Banners

With our Package Design service, our creative team takes the time to understand your brand and finds the most effective way to convey that to your audience. From strategy to implementation, we’ve got the answer across all marketing channels.


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